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The Devil Is In The Details

Have you ever wondered what makes a royal or celebrity wedding so strikingly beautiful? It’s more than just haute couture fashions and a luxury setting. It’s the way that every single detail, from place settings to bloom choices, harmonize to create a unified and flawless experience.

Planning a wedding involves keeping track of and coordinating countless details, which can be stressful and exhausting for many couples. The last thing you need on the biggest day of your life is to be worrying about the appearance of your location or where the presents go! This is where an event designer comes in, allowing you to have the polished elegance of a custom celebrity wedding without the stress of worrying about everything yourself.

Douglas Koch has designed unique parties and florals for society’s top tier, including Donald Trump, Paramount Pictures, Bloomingdale’s, Elizabeth Arden, Stevie Wonder, Pfizer, Discovery Channel, and many others. His work has dazzled the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Lauren, Enya, Rod Stewart, Hunt Slonem, and Deborah Johnson– to name just a few. He understands how to create luxury environments that inspire, and he knows what it takes to impress the stars.

In addition to his famous way with flowers, Douglas uses a wedding’s other details to create stunning effects. For example, let him tuck a fresh blossom in the lapel of each server at your reception, and watch how your guests smile a little more brightly during dinner. From linens to ribbons, candles to vases, Douglas brings high style to every aspect of your wedding, giving you an exquisite celebrity look at an affordable price.

Let him take your wedding to the next level with stylish, stress-free custom decor that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

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