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While the lack of established protocols for LGBTQ weddings can seem like a challenge, Douglas sees it as an opportunity to help you create a truly customized experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime. With him as your guide, wedding planning becomes what it should be: a chance to celebrate your commitment in a style all your own.

The secret to a beautiful wedding is getting the details right, but planning a LGBTQ ceremony involves making additional choices such as:

  • Should you use the terms “Bride” and/or “Groom” in any capacity?
  • Do you still want a “maid of honor” and a “best man,” or would you prefer something less traditional?
  • Will one of you wait for the other at the altar? Will you walk down the aisle together?
  • Will you incorporate any gender-based or religious traditions? Will they need to be modified?
  • How will you decide what to wear? Should you match?

As a LGBTQ wedding specialist, Douglas Koch and his husband Joe, have helped numerous gay and lesbian couples create stunning weddings that reflect their unique personalities and capture the beauty of their love.

Whether you’re just beginning to plan your wedding or are ready to take the next step, Douglas Koch has the experience and artistry necessary to bring your dreams to life. Douglas experience and knowledge helps to streamline every step, and helps you establish new traditions for all LGBT couples to use as inspiration. As he leads you through the process, you’ll watch your vision evolve into a gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception that will leave your loved ones breathless.

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