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Your wedding ceremony honors the beauty of your love, but your reception is a joyous celebration of your new life and partnership. This is where you can unleash your full creativity, with elegant floral tablescapes, custom lighting, and unique decorations that set the stage for an unforgettable party.

The reception is also the part of the wedding that guests typically remember the most vividly, so it’s essential that yours strike the right note. Your guests will have plenty of time to contemplate your choice of table decor as they eat their meals, and seemingly minor details like chair covers, napkin placements, and lighting will all impact their perception of the event. How do you want people to remember your wedding?

From exquisite floral centerpieces to avant-garde horticultural arrangements, Douglas Koch creates luxury tablescapes that will take your breath away. Go lush with French florals, or keep things understated with sleek modern lines. Add a few well-placed candles for romance and ambiance, or create formal drama with impressively tall centerpieces. Whatever your tastes or budget, Douglas can create distinctive tablescapes, flower arrangements and room decor for a wedding reception that will leave people awestruck.

Trust Douglas to get all the details right, from the arrangement of specialty linens to the custom room lighting. Be delighted when he presents you with the most stunning fresh flowers for your wedding cake. Marvel at the way a cascade of blossoms can unite your theme and reinforce your color palette. When Douglas’s technical skill and artistic mastery pair with your creativity and unique vision, you’ll be able to enjoy the kind of wedding reception most people only ever dream of.

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Every single detail matters, from the settings to bloom choices. Learn how Douglas creates a unified theme with his personal touch.

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