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Interior Plantscapes

Your Own Personalized Douglas Koch Design

The look and feel of your lobby or office not only set the tone for your visitors, but will also be one of the main things they remember about you once they have left. Douglas Koch utilizes vivid plantscapes, integrated with your interior decor to present the desired aesthetics and atmosphere for your visitors.

Design & Installation

Douglas Koch himself, designs and creates the plantscapes that will transform your building. Whether it is a lobby, elevator bank, or individual office, every plantscape is custom created. The utmost attention is paid to even the smallest details, such as the selection of containers, moss, stones and other elements of the design.

Maintenance Program

Plantscapes are living things and need to be well maintained to thrive. Douglas’ staff of horticulturists and plant technicians will maintain the vitality of your plantscape on our weekly maintenance program. Maintenance will be performed by trained, courteous, professional staff able to identify and solve problems quickly. Services such as watering, pruning, dusting, feeding, and ground covering are included in your maintenance program.

Look Great & Save Money

We are known for not only producing great designs, but for also being one of the most affordable. Contact us today to see how we can transform your spaces in New York City and Tech Valley.

Improve Your Brand

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