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You've always had your idea of a dream wedding. You may not be the type to obsess, but certain images or scents always seem to make you think of it.

In the dream, you’re with the one you love, standing in the middle of a gorgeous ceremony while friends and family look on in awe. The ambiance is perfect; the flower arrangements are intoxicating. You’re in love, and you’re about to be joined forever with the one who truly understands and cherishes you. And in that one moment, you exist in a dream world almost too beautiful to be believed.

At your wedding ceremony, you have the opportunity to finally bring that secret dream to life and share it with those you love. With the help of Douglas Koch’s keen eye and creative passion, you can transform your wedding ceremony into your own real-life fantasy, where everything is exactly as you imagine for one unforgettable day. This is your moment to shine, when you invite your family and friends to create memories with you that will make you smile for the rest of your life.

With Douglas at your side, from the aisle decorations to the altar flowers, every detail of your wedding ceremony will be flawless. Live your dream with a breathtaking chuppah or a candlelit walkway; exchange your vows beneath a garland of roses or a canopy of stars. No idea is too beautiful for your wedding day, and no idea is too challenging for New England’s leading floral designer.

Let Douglas create the wedding ceremony you’ve always wanted. You deserve to live your dreams.

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